Bayless High School Physical Science   Unit I The Scientific Method Syllabus and Portfolio Directions Objective:  Assemble the assignments for the unit into a booklet. Then use the booklet to complete review questions and prepare for the test. The following items should be put in the following order in the portfolio: Portfolio Directions and Unit Syllabus (this sheet)(printable copy) Vocabulary ______ Classwork/Daily Log (Lab Rules) ______ Science is Everywhere ______ Tactile Lab ______ Scientific Predictions Activity ______ Writing a Hypothesis ______ Building a Paper Tower ______ The Detective Game ______ How Strong is a Paper Clip ______ Rabbit Experiment ______ Unit Review ______ Portfolio Grade cover (out of 5) ______  (Neatness, effort, and color are important.) objectives (out of 5) ______ concepts (out of 5) ______ (You may use words, symbols, diagrams on each.) contents (out of 5) ______  (All assignments must be included and in order.) total (out of 20) ______ Test Grade ________ The Front Cover Write the unit title on the cover.  "Unit I - The Scientfic Method" Decorate the front cover with drawings of concepts from the chapter.  The Inside Front Cover Write "Objectives" at the top of the page. List the following unit objectives: Understand how observations are used to gather information. Be able to write a hypothesis for a scientific investigation. Know how scientific predictions are different than non-scientific ones. Know the steps for solving problems. Know the steps of the scientific method. Use the scientific method to solve a problem. Know how an experiment can be used to test a hypothesis. Know the difference between independent variable and dependent variable. Be able to identify the constants and the control group in an experiment. Inside Back Cover Write "Concepts" at the top of the page. Divide the page into nine squares. Explain the answers to the unit objectives with words and diagrams. Back Cover Write your name - Last Name, First Name and your class in the lower right corner of the page.