Bayless High School Physical Science   Unit IV Force and Motion Syllabus and Portfolio Directions Objective:  Assemble the assignments for the units into a booklet.  Then use the booklet to complete review questions and prepare for the test. The following items should be put in the following order in the portfolio: Portfolio Directions and Unit Syllabus (this sheet) (printable copy) Vocabulary ______ Classwork/Daily Log ______ Hockey Video on Newton's Laws of Motion ______ Study Guide: Connecting Motion with Forces ______ Study Guide: Gravity - A Familiar Force. ______ Newton's Second Law of Motion ______ Newton's Third Law of Motion ______ Study Guide: A Crash Course in Safety ______ Force and Acceleration Lab ______ Unit Review ______ Portfolio Grade cover (out of 5) ______  (Neatness, effort, and color are important.) objectives (out of 5) ______ concepts (out of 5) ______  (You may use words, symbols, diagrams on each.) contents (out of 5) ______  (All assignments must be included and in order.) total (out of 20) ______ Test Grade ________ The Front Cover Write the unit title on the cover.  "Unit IV - Force and Motion" Decorate the front cover with drawings of concepts from the chapter. Be neat and use lots of creativity and color. The Inside Front Cover Write "Objectives" at the top of the page.  List the following unit objectives: Know Newton's First Law of Motion. Be able to describe inertia using examples of moving or not moving objects. Know why your body's inertia requires you to wear a seat belt in a car. Know Newton's Second Law of Motion. Know how a force accelerates different masses. Be able to calculate force if given mass and acceleration. Know Newton's Third Law of Motion. Be able to identify force pairs.  (Newton's Third Law of Motion) Be able to give examples from sports (hockey etc.) of Newton's Three Laws. Inside Back Cover Write "Concepts" at the top of the page.  Divide the page into nine squares. Explain the answers to the unit objectives with words and diagrams.   Back Cover Write your name and any additional information.