Bayless High School Physical Science   Unit II The Metric System Syllabus and Portfolio Directions Objective:  Assemble the assignments for the units into a booklet.  Then use the booklet to complete review questions and prepare for the test. The following items should be put in the following order in the portfolio: Portfolio Directions and Unit Syllabus (this sheet)(printable copy) Vocabulary ______ Classwork/Daily Log ______ Study Guide - Standards of Measurement ______ My Measurer Activity ______ Penny Lab ______ Relationships (Rubber Band Lab) ______ Building a Cube Activity ______ Density Lab ______ Study Guide/Reinforcement - Graphing ______ Reading Assignment ______ Unit Review ______ Portfolio Grade cover (out of 5)   ______  (Neatness, effort, and color are important.) objectives   (out of 5) ______ concepts (out of 5) ______  (You may use words, symbols, diagrams on each.) contents (out of 5) ______  (All assignments must be included and in order.) total (out of 20) ______ Test Grade _______ The Front Cover Write the unit title on the cover.  "Unit II - The Metric System." Decorate the front cover with drawings of concepts from the chapter. Be neat and use lots of creativity and color. The Inside Front Cover Write "Objectives" at the top of the page.  List the following unit objectives: Be able to explain why there are standard units. Know the basic metric prefixes and units.  (show on back cover) Be able to determine the volume of a cube or rectangular solid. Know the three types of graphs. Given a data table be able to plot a line graph. Given mass and volume, be able to determine density. Given a ruler be able to measure the length of an object. Given length and width be able to determine the area. Given length, width and height be able to determine volume. Inside Back Cover Write "Concepts" at the top of the page.  Divide the page into nine squares. Explain the answers to the unit objectives with words and diagrams.

Back Cover:  Make a table showing the meaning of the metric prefixes as on the study guide "Standards of

Measurement".  Make a second table showing the basic metric units as on the study guide "Using SI Units".  Write your name, Last Name, First Name and your class period in the lower right hand corner of the page.